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Press Advisory: Religious Persecution Increasing Globally

Press Advisory: Religious Persecution Increasing Globally

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September 22, 2019                                                                               

Media Advisory


United Nations Must Challenge Extreme Nationalism, Stop Genocide

UNITED NATIONS, NY – As the United Nations General Assembly convenes in New York, communities decimated by persecution and genocide continue to suffer from its ongoing failure to stop mass atrocities.  Despite good efforts from the UN Human Rights Commission and various UN mechanisms, human rights are under siege around the globe. Due to the obstruction of influential governments, will the UN also fail to stop climate change, the main theme of the current gathering?

An NGO accredited at the United Nations, Justice for All operates programs that address the extreme persecution of Muslim minorities, especially: China’s nightmarish repression of the Uighur population, the Burmese genocide targeting the Rohingya minority, and India’s harsh treatment of Muslim and other minority communities, including the people of Kashmir. We also help organize parallel interfaith and intercultural campaigns on behalf of persecuted Christian minorities, such as the Kachin and Karen in Burma/Myanmar.

Justice for All Chairman Malik Mujahid observes, “There is a rising tide of xenophobia in the world, promoted as a tool for gaining political power. Populations are incited to blame minority populations, and this trend can and does lead to genocide. Certain of the five permanent members of the Security Council choose to veto action that would prevent genocide and would hold perpetrators accountable.”

Imam Mujahid adds, “We are pleased to learn that UN Secretary General Guterres states he is putting strong pressure on China regarding human rights abuses of the Uighur people. We hope other leaders, including US President Trump, will also denounce state terror in China, including its ongoing system of surveillance and concentration camps. Trade deals without human rights protection are unworthy of civilized people.”

On behalf of its many members and partners, Justice for All urges the United Nations to keep “human rights first” in their sustainable development goals. Tensions are growing between economic growth, democratic governance and environmental sustainability. China’s extensive Belt and Road projects have been described as “debt diplomacy.” The profit motive is an important factor in the displacement of minorities around the world.

Adds Malik: “Strongmen like Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India use the promise of economic development to convince the world to ignore massive rights abuses in Kashmir. What a shame that UN Deputy Secretary General Amina J Mohammed plans to speak at a Gates Foundation award ceremony this week honoring Mr. Modi for India’s progress on sanitation! And another speaker is the Executive Director of UNICEF. Sad to say, choosing toilets over human rights is emblematic of the growing disconnect between justice and development that we see at the UN today.”

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