Justice For All, operates several campaigns and programs as part of its remit to address issues that do not receive enough international, public and political support, awareness and advocacy. Learn more about these campaigns and how you can be a part of efforts to enhance justice nationally and worldwide.

Burma Task Force USA/Canada

Burma Task Force (BTF), a campaign of Justice For All is a coalition of 19 North American organizations and institutions, and is the only full-time American-Canadian campaign raising awareness and advocating for an end to the slow-burning genocide being perpetrated against the Rohingya Muslim ethnic minority in Burma/Myanmar. BTF works to pressure governments to put an end to the persecution of Rohingya, and to restore their rights as citizens of Burma/Myanmar. Follow BTF on Facebook and Twitter.

Black Lives Matter

The murder of young Black teenager Trayvon Martin, brought to national attention the deep institutionalized racism that permeates our governmental institutions, laws, and justice system. Shocking videos of police brutality and violence against unarmed Black men and women exposes the incongruity between the ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal,” and the lived reality of millions of America’s citizens. Justice For All, supports Black Lives Matter as an integral Black-led movement to redress systemic inequality and discrimination and create a more just society.

Climate Change

Noam Chomsky, philosopher, linguist and radical activist has put into stark relief the choice facing humanity today: “For the first time in human history, it’s necessary to make a crucial decision: will organized human life continue to exist on this Earth, or will it not.” Scientists have warned we are currently experiencing the greatest spate of species die-offs since the loss of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, dubbing it the “6th mass extinction.” Justice For All is a part of and supports the work of those seeking to halt these worrying development before it is too late. Join us in making sure that we leave a world for the upcoming generations that is inhabitable and secure.

Flint Coalition

January 2016, brought to light a national shame for the United States. Political and economic greed created a water crisis in Flint, Michigan of epidemic proportions. Doctors and activists had exposed the fact that due to old piping and inadequate infrastructure, extremely toxic levels of lead had entered the drinking water of Flint residents and was adversely affecting their lives and health. Justice For All, organized its supporters through weeks of action to demand that: 1. water pipes throughout the city be changed, 2. passage of the Stabenow/Peters/Kildee legislation in Congress to provide financial support to Flint and persuade Governor Snyder to accept its conditions, 3. the appointment of an independent external auditor to monitor the influx of government capital to ensure it reaches the citizens, 4. The maximum amount of funds must be kept in the Flint area through using local labor and contractors to revive the city economy. These goal have not all been met and the grueling work of ensuring that clean drinking water reaches Flint is as vital as ever.


Anti-Muslim racism and bigotry is one of the most pronounced and pernicious hatreds infecting the socio-political landscape of Western nations. Indeed, it is a very well funded industry that propagates Islamophobic messaging through the traditional media and online and has found a home both on the Right and the Left. In 2016 hate crimes against Muslims in the US have risen significantly, as the campaign of Donald Trump energized racists. The new President has surrounded himself with leaders in the Islamophobia movement, leading some to speculate that his administration will be “at war” with Islam and Muslim Americans, and not merely with the extremist few. In 2015 JFA convened a major meeting of Muslim American leaders to discuss this challenge and to brainstorm local responses. Justice for All will continue to challenge any effort by the Trump administration to undermine the Constitution and discriminate against Muslims and to scapegoat vulnerable social groups.