Our Story

Justice For All is an Illinois registered nonprofit organization, based in Chicago. The organization, which was incorporated in 1999, grew out of advocacy efforts on the human rights abuses experienced in Bosnia during the break-up of the former Yugoslavia and was instrumental in shaping the discourse around the ‘genocide’ debate.

Since then, it has taken on the mandate of advocating causes that do not get mainstream support. Its initiatives center on peace and coalition building, interfaith dialogue and human rights. Its past projects include civic engagement efforts on Gujarat, and the Muslim Peace Coalition – an interfaith initiative in response to Islamophobia and the War on Terrorism.

Justice For All is funded by private donors who take a keen interest in the furtherance of human rights both in the United States and outside its shores. Its broad mandate to educate fellow citizens on the causes of justice and provide guidance through tip-oriented newsletters, attracts attention from a wide audience who are committed to affecting change.

Justice For All is governed and managed by its Board, which is comprised of its three founding officers: Dr. Khursheed Mallick,  Anwar Kazmi, and Abdul Malik Mujahid.

Our Mission

In 2017 we scaled up work on behalf of the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar/Burma, developing an active Canada office for Burma Task Force, visiting Malaysia to help organize the People’s Tribunal on Myanmar and traveling to refugee camps in Bangladesh.  We also engaged in advocacy at the United Nations and in the US Congress.

Many of our staff members produce numerous videos and articles and also regularly critique media reporting both in the USA and abroad. We encourage more accurate reporting on vulnerable communities, especially the Rohingya. At the same time, Justice for All continues to address the rising trend of Islamophobia around the world. During 2017 we began to develop a more regular response to women’s concerns, especially through gathering and sharing the testimonies of Rohingya women survivors of mass rape. Both Justice for All and our Burma Task Force program generate regular letters to policymakers and press releases to media. On the grassroots level, weekly action alerts encourage civic engagement on an international scale.  Justice for All strongly encourages a sense of inclusive global citizenship among its constituents.

Justice For All works to raise awareness of human rights concerns impacting vulnerable minority groups. In the USA we have organized work on behalf of the communities of Flint Michigan, deprived of clean water and treated wrongly by government authorities. In 2016 we have encouraged support of the protesters at Standing Rock, concerned by drilling that would endanger both clean water and sacred sites. We have also worked to mobilize community participation in support for Paris Accords (UNFCCC) and other environmental agreements.

Justice For All has also worked to promote awareness of Islamophobia, which impacts us directly as Muslim Americans, and also leads to harmful policies and persecutions abroad, becoming both a cause and a reaction to mass displacement.

Currently, the most active program in Justice For All is Burma Task Force USA which has focused its attention on human rights and transitional justice issues in the South and Southeast Asia region. Minority populations in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Burma, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have experienced backlash, compounded with cycles of conflict. Staff have been primarily confronting the gross human rights violations against the Rohingya in Burma.  We have also begun to raise awareness regarding the Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal as the first of its kind in the region and the precedent it sets could have repercussions on how transitional justice is framed in South Asia.

Meet the Team

Abdul Malik Mujahid

Chair and Co-Founder

Abdul Malik is the founding president of Sound Vision which was established in 1988 in Chicago. It is a not-for-profit organization which develops Islamic content and does public relations for peace and justice causes. He is the executive producer of Chicago’s RadioIslam, a daily one-hour (6 PM to 7 PM CST) talk program on WCEV 1450 AM. He chaired the international 2015 Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City which was attended by 11,000 people from 50 religions and 80 countries. Imam Malik Mujahid co-founded Justice For All in the mid-nineties as a response to the atrocities being committed in the former Yugoslavia against Bosnian Muslims by Serbian ultra-nationalists.

Abdallah Ddumba

New England Regional Coordinator

Abdallah has been a long time educator in the Boston area, an Imam and teacher in local Islamic Schools. He holds degrees in Religious Studies from Uganda as well as Saudi Arabia, and holds a Masters in Conflict Resolution from Brandeis University. Abdallah is also responsible for conducting community awareness programs at various local institutions, and creating coalitions with other activist groups who can provide added value to the cause. In addition, Abdallah’s responsibilities include generating a volunteer base to work on Justice For All’s various campaigns and programs. Lastly, Abdallah’s responsibilities include income generation through donations and event organization.

Adem Carroll

New York and United Nations Programs Director

Adem is a New York Irish Muslim working to protect human rights. Adem completed Peace Corps service in Morocco and received a Masters degree in Near Eastern Studies at NYU. After several years of AmeriCorps program management, Adem joined Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA Relief) after the 9/11 terror attacks. There he directly provided emergency legal and financial help to over 825 Muslim detainees and their families. Working to raise awareness of the human rights crisis in Burma, Adem now works to strengthen partnerships with the international community, media and other stakeholders as New York and UN Programs Director for Justice for All/BTF.

Ahmed Ramadan

Outreach Director – Canada

Ahmed has a burning desire to direct his energy, wisdom, and abilities to help those most in need.  He is often described by his coworkers and associates as emitting positive energy, a critical thinker, who does not quit until he succeeds.  Ahmed has been working alongside the Canadian Government and Canadian Organizations to sustain and build momentum in pressuring the Burmese Government, and through Canadian leadership, the international community.  Ahmed, through his leadership, has also been developing a volunteer group that is keen on standing for justice. In his spare time, Ahmed enjoys reading, working out, studying, and spending time with his family.

Aqsa Tahir

Designer and Outreach Coordinator

Aqsa Tahir is a graphic designer and outreach coordinator for Burma Task Force. She is a lifelong human rights advocate who uses her design education to further the Rohingya cause. She also enjoys photography and is currently looking to adopt a kitten.

Bubba Murray

Multimedia Director

Bubba hails from Oak Park, IL. He completed his bachelor studies from Morehouse College and Boston University earning a BSGS/BS in Biomedical Engineering. Bubba moved to Los Angeles where he worked in the TV Literature Department at United Talent Agency. While there he continued writing and was a recipient of the ABC Writing Fellowship where he served as a writer on “Desperate Housewives.” Bubba is a two time participant for writing in the NBC Diversity Scene Showcase. Bubba penned the short film “Free Lunch” which screened in numerous festivals including the prestigious 2009 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival and earned best screenplay honors in the 2009 Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles. Bubba was accepted into the 2010-2011 FOX writing initiative with his drama pilot, “Lost Angels.” Bubba is currently pursuing his MFA in Writing and Directing at Columbia College Chicago. While earning this degree Bubba serves as the Online Content producer for the non-profit Burma Task Force. Here he has filmed notables such as esteemed anthropologist Jane Goodall and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Bubba most recently directed the live action animated shorts “Birds and Other Things We Placed in our Hearts” and “ROBOX”

Hafsa Siddiqui

Graphic Designer and Volunteer Coordinator

She is a life-long human rights activist who uses her design education to further the Rohingya cause. She also is a proud mother of her cat named Koda.

Hani Salhab

Office Manager and Middle East Coordinator

Hani is office manager for Justice For All’s central location in downtown Chicago as well as its Middle East coordinator. He is a professional digital artist, architectural visualizer and animator from Lebanon. He has a passion for translating historical text and enjoys religious research as a hobby.

Maysa Hammoud

Assistant Outreach Manager

Maysa has spent over 10 years in organizing volunteer and charity events. In 2011 she founded a charity non-profit organization called Pearls of Hope to help drought affected villagers in Northwestern Kenya.  This initiative blossomed into helping other communities within the US (refugees, elders and children with cancer and MS) as well as abroad (unaccompanied minors from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan).  She is presently working to raise awareness about the genocide in Burma/Myanmar under the campaign Burma Task Force.

Robert Marro

Outreach Director –  D.C. Area

Mr. Marro has served as the Government Outreach Chair for the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) since 2002, and has been instrumental in giving the ADAMS community a major role in civic engagement in Fairfax and Virginia. Over the years, Mr. Marro has led the ADAMS Teams in arranging annual candidate forums and annual Town Hall meetings for local Senators and Delegates to brief hundreds of ADAMS members on issues and activities of the VA Legislative session, and other topical events.

Syed Omer Quadri


Syed Omer Quadri, is a graduate of Benedictine University, with a B.S. in Health Science. He is currently taking time off to study for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), and works as an intern for Burma Task Force managing the Twitter page and other social media, writing, and working with student associations to raise awareness on the Rohingya. He hopes to merge his passion for international human rights, theology, and medicine to form a unique philosophy on the intersection of social justice and healthcare in disenfranchised communities.

Tauseef Akbar

Web Content Director

Tauseef studied Arabic and foundational Islamic disciplines in Cairo, Egypt at the Al-Fajr Institute, affiliated with Al-Azhar University. He received a BA in English and a minor in Chemistry at North Park University. He is slated to receive his MA in Islamic Studies from American Islamic College in Spring 2017. His research work has primarily focused on Islamophobia and demographic trends within the Muslim American community. As a researcher he has worked with leading Muslim American organizations and was also a past consultant to Georgetown University’s Bridge Initiative for the Study of Islamophobia. He has written and been published on the topic of Islamophobia, the War on Terror and the genocide against the Rohingya Muslims in various news media outlets.