Our Story

Justice For All is an Illinois registered nonprofit organization, based in Chicago. The organization, which was incorporated in 1999, grew out of advocacy efforts on the human rights abuses experienced in Bosnia during the break-up of the former Yugoslavia and was instrumental in shaping the discourse around the ‘genocide’ debate.

Since then, it has taken on the mandate of advocating causes that do not get mainstream support. Its initiatives center on peace and coalition building, interfaith dialogue and human rights. Its past projects include civic engagement efforts on Gujarat, and the Muslim Peace Coalition – an interfaith initiative in response to Islamophobia, War and Terrorism.

Justice For All is funded by private donors who take a keen interest in the furtherance of human rights both in the United States and outside its shores. Its broad mandate to educate fellow citizens on the causes of justice and provide guidance through tip-oriented newsletters, attracts attention from a wide audience who are committed to affecting change.

Justice For All is governed and managed by its Board, which is comprised of its three founding officers: Dr. Khursheed Mallick,  Anwar Kazmi, and Abdul Malik Mujahid.

Our Mission

Many of our staff members produce videos and articles and also regularly critique media reporting both in the USA and abroad. We encourage more accurate reporting on vulnerable communities, especially the Rohingya. At the same time, Justice for All continues to address the rising trend of Islamophobia around the world. During 2017 we began to develop a more regular response to women’s concerns, especially through gathering and sharing the testimonies of Rohingya women survivors of mass rape. Justice for All generate regular letters to policymakers and press releases to media. On the grassroots level, weekly action alerts encourage civic engagement on an international scale.  Justice for All strongly encourages a sense of inclusive global citizenship among its constituents.

Justice For All works to raise awareness of human rights concerns impacting vulnerable minority groups. In the USA we have organized work on behalf of the communities of Flint Michigan, deprived of clean water and treated wrongly by government authorities. In 2016 we have encouraged support of the protesters at Standing Rock, concerned by drilling that would endanger both clean water and sacred sites. We have also worked to mobilize community participation in support for Paris Accords (UNFCCC) and other environmental agreements.

Justice For All has also worked to promote awareness of Islamophobia, which impacts us directly as Muslim Americans, and also leads to harmful policies and persecutions abroad, becoming both a cause and a reaction to mass displacement.