Justice For All operates several campaigns and programs as part of its remit to address issues that do not receive enough international, public and political support, awareness and advocacy. Currently, we work on interfaith engagement and support ethnic minorities struggling in Burma.

Justice For All is an NGO with Consultative Status at the United Nations DPI.

Justice For All is an Illinois registered nonprofit organization, based in Chicago. The organization, which was incorporated in 1999, grew out of advocacy efforts on the human rights abuses experienced in Bosnia during the break-up of the former Yugoslavia and was instrumental in shaping the discourse around the ‘genocide’ debate. It campaigned to declare rape as a war crime in the international law.

Since then, it has taken on the mandate of advocating causes that do not get mainstream support. Its initiatives center on peace and coalition building, interfaith dialogue and human rights.

Justice For All is funded by private donors who take a keen interest in the furtherance of human rights both in the United States and outside its shores. Its broad mandate to educate fellow citizens on the causes of justice and provide guidance through tip-oriented newsletters attra cts attention from a wide audience who are committed to affecting change.

Contact: info@justiceforall.org